GHB is a substance frequently encountered near the dancing and party backdrop. It’s recognized as a ‘date rape’ substance, and a person might not realize if GHB is secreted into your beverage at a celebration. The foremost danger with GHB is from an overdose, which could possibly kill you.


GHB is a sour or lightly salty flavored solution which is without odor or has a minor odor, but can also come to be encountered in powdered or tablet form. GHB typically does not possess any coloring, but could possibly be colored brilliant blue. It is typically administered orally, but can be shot through a syringe.


GHB is also recognized as fantasy, GBH (grievous bodily harm), G, blue nitro and liquid ecstasy. GHB is an acronym of the chemical name gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.



GHB impacts

GHB is a depressant substance, which means it decreases the communications back and forth from the nervous system/brain. It was in actual fact introduced as a general anaesthetic, and makes people that abuse it tired.

The early influences of GHB are comparable to alcohol intoxication, such as decreased inhibitions and slurred and heavy language. Abusers could become uncoordinated, have troubles with memory recall, feel sick and throw up.

GHB is recognized as a date rape chemical because it is effortlessly hidden in alcoholic beverages (drink spiking).

The threat of overdosing on GHB is very high, especially if it is blended with other types of sedative/depressant chemicals like alcohol.

Cognitive/emotional health troubles

GHB overdoses could bring about hallucinations, loss of memory and blackouts.

Not too much is understood regarding its longer term effects, but repeated abuse could generate addiction and building up a tolerance.

Stopping GHB

Withdrawal symptoms discontinue in approximately Twelve hours following the final dose, and frequently carry on for 2-3 weeks. They include:

suffering from stress and confusion, uncomfortable and paranoid the hopelessness of depression trouble getting to sleep muscle cramping pains and shaking hallucinations heightened cardiovascular speed.